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iPro Design Studio is the equipment builder who products end to end for automotive and automotive parts supplier with our global techinical members.

Topic: We started ERP consulting service with Indian team.

Welcome to iPro Design Studio web site.

Product FA equiment


Consulting on demands.

Design SCH & PCB and product


Design and product electronic circuit according to your requirement..

Consultant ERP


It is the sample sentences.Please change to arbitrary sentences.It is the sample sentences.

Translate JP EN CN IN


Tlanslate the relevant automotive technical document and instructionmanual to the EN, CN, JP and several kind of Indian.

Software develomment


Develop the software accrding to customer requirement.

Import Indian specialities


Import the Indian specialities by our Indian branch directory.


We will bring you big profit for our global customer with our local business connection in China and India where is one of bigest market of the world and there is a lot of superior engineer to realize customer's requirement. If there is a thing that we can do for you, please don't hesitate to let us know.

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